Friday, October 19, 2007

What's been going on!

Well......I've been reuniting myself with the pattern notes I made for the Little Black Dress which had to be formatted!
My head is swimming with the math and I've sent it off with a merry wave! Thought I'd share this shot of our cat not being particularly helpful in the process (that's my dress he's making a bed of). He does have this annoying tendency to want to sit on my lap when I'm knitting....needless to say I'm not very cat friendly at those moments!
All other knitting is swatching and sketching for the Knitscene submissions deadline.....think I have some fairly decent ideas...fingers crossed (not when knitting of course)!

The other big event (and I know it has zilch to do with knitting but a lot to do with being a proud mama) is that my youngest learned to ride a's a magic 3 day learning bike that worked with his sister before him!

.......and some fall foliage from Lake Tahoe where we took our first family bike ride as independent riders!


Anonymous said...

wishing you good luck with the Knitscene submissions.

found you via Kat's blog and love your little black dress - it's stunning.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck with your Submissions--I'm taking a break-8 published Designs in a Year and I'm kind-a burnt out--I know I'm a wiss.
Learning to ride a bike-memories in motion---

marit said...

Good luck with your submissions! I have a black cat that does the same as yours...he jumps into my lap while I'm knitting...
Watching a kid learning to ride his bike is SO great!

mary jane said...

My brain aches in sympathy.