Saturday, November 29, 2008

I Wish This Morning Would Never End

That was the last line to a poem my daughter wrote about the beautiful crisp winter morning we had today......still and perfect for walking......

We are starting to get closer to our departure from this far flung location and as often happens when you know you're leaving a place you start to feel nostalgic for it!

(big brother's turn for a visit)

It's been absolutley brilliant to spend quality time with family (although I'm missing not having my sister nearby) and to be back in my own country for a while.
Our departure isn't imminent however.....we still get to celebrate Xmas and New Year here which will be all the more complete when David (my man) gets here in about 16 days time!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Beret Bonanza

Hello......still here......just haven't snapped many shots of late as it's been a bit dreich (as us Scots like to say)! However all this indoor time has kept me busy with lots of knitting .....including a slew of beret making/designing (One pattern written up and being test knit...the other to be done asap)!'s a wee selection so far (taken when the sun made a brief appearance)....
There are 2 different designs going on here, one shown in a worsted and DK weight (winey and grey ones) and the other just in DK . I wanted to test out the variety of floppiness that can be had with berets as I find it hard myself to decide how slouchy I want them to be.
What about you? How much slouch do you go for in a beret?

(Just for fun-the view from the kitchen window after lots of cooking has taken place)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Swatching for Vaila

Firstly thanks for all the wonderful compliments on Vaila.....I'm extremely pleased with it and with Caroline Bergeron's wonderful photography!

After receiving some queries regarding yarn substitutes I realized that it might be helpful for those who would like to swatch the lace panel to include instructions for flat knitting (as it is only worked in the round in the pattern).

I would recommend including some reverse stockinette either side of the lace panel so that the contrast can be seen.

Shetland Twins Pattern B
(This is taken from A Treasury Of Knitting Patterns by Barbara Walker)

The lace panel in the pattern is 29sts wide which ends up creating two repeats of the lace

Row 1(Right Side)-K1, *k4, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk, k5; rep from *.
Row 2-P1, *p3, p2tog-b, yo, p3, yo, p2tog, p4; rep from*.
Row 3-K1, *k2, (k2tog, yo) twice, k1, (yo, ssk) twice, k3; rep from *.
Row 4-P1, *p1, p2tog-b, yo, p7, yo, p2tog, p2; rep from *.
Row 5-K1, *(k2tog, yo) twice, k1, yo, sk2p, yo, k1, (yo, ssk) twice, k1; rep from *.
Row 6, 8, 10 and 12-P1, *yo, p2tog, p9, p2tog-b, yo, p1; rep from *.

Row 7-K1, *yo, ssk, (k1, yo, sk2p, yo) twice, k1, k2tog, yo, k1; rep from *.
Row 9-K1, *yo, ssk, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, sk2p, yo, k1, yo, ssk, k2tog, yo, k1; rep from *.
Row 11-Repeat row 7.
Row 13-K1, *k1, yo, ssk, k2, yo, sk2p, yo, k2, k2tog, yo, k2; rep from *.
Row 14-P1, *p2, yo, p2tog, p5, p2tog-b, yo, p3; rep from *.
Row 15-K1, *k3, yo, ssk, k3, k2tog, yo, k4; rep from *.
Row 16-P1, *p4, yo, p2tog, p1, p2tog-b, yo, p5; rep from *.
Row 17-K1, *k5, yo, sk2p, yo, k6; rep from *.
Row 18- Knit

All abbreviations can be found in the Vaila pattern except for p2tog-b which just means purl 2 sts together through the back loops.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Twist Collective

I'm over the moon to have a pattern in the new Twist Collective and to be amongst such astounding talent........
copyright © caroline bergeron

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November 4th in Shetland

November 4th was an amazingly calm and picturesque day here in Shetland

Dad and I even had a wee picnic on the beach.........then we stayed up all night to share in the celebrations out west.......feeling very happy (but tired) today!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Beret Lover

I've never been a huge wearer or lover of berets in the past but I notice I've been wearing them a lot lately.......must have something to do with having longer hair after years of very short locks..and the need to take the chill off over here in the windy islands.

The latest one off the needles is Porom by Jared Flood.....great pattern and great slouchy, lacey beret...this one made from some cashmere/angora/lambswool mix from the Isle of Skye.
As this is actually going to a friend of mine I may need to make another for myself!