Sunday, August 16, 2009

Audrey In Unst

The new Twist Collective is out and I'm in it!

Audrey In Unst is a cropped cardi featuring a bib of Shetland Lace. It is worked seamlessly from the bottom up including seamless set in sleeves which are worked using short rows to shape the cap. I was definitely thinking of an Audrey Hepburn inspired Cardigan when I designed this hence the use of the name.....and the lace originates from the northern most Shetland Isle, Unst.....I don't suppose Audrey Hepburn ever actually made it to Shetland but she would have looked great on a windswept beach in this cardi if she had!

Once again it is such an honour to be in an issue with so many other wonderful designers and great to work with the team at Twist!

Here are a few more poorly taken photos before I sent it off....I deliberately subdued them as bright red is not the best colour on me (the cardi is also a little on the small side for me in this size).....I will be making another in a rusty colour....possibly starting it today!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Spotlight On David

Just returned from Montreal where David took the kids and I to attend our first WorldCon event....mostly we wandered around the city while David rubbed shoulders with the some of bigwigs of the Sci Fi/ Fantasy world.
(The location for the Con was in the Palais De Congrais which had these fabulous coloured windows)

The highlight of the trip was when David took the John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer of Science Fiction/Fantasy for his book Acacia. It was a tense and exciting evening while we waited to hear the results read out....and then we screamed and jumped up and down with excitement!
(David giving his acceptance speech on the big screen- and yes he thanked me)!

(The kids taking some of the limelight .......and David wearing a tiara)!

Terrible photo of some of the winners that evening (holding camera above head and randomly snapping)......but I had to get a shot of David beside Neil Gaiman who won a Hugo for Best Novel.....and he let David hold it!

Maya's doodle while waiting nervously for the results......thinking of entering her for best artist category sometime in the future!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Teeny Taster

Twist Collective put up this wee teaser for their Fall issue......and it's my design!! cool to see it in live action!

Not only am I walking these same streets this weekend (spending a few days in Montreal) but I also got to hang out with the lovely Kate Gilbert and her sweet little girl yesterday.

Only a few days to wait for the full issue!