Thursday, October 22, 2009

Meet Julia!

So after posting about Rhinebeck and the fact that I went with my friend Julia, it seemed a little sad that there were no photos of her! So I'm making up for it with a Julia focused post!

Julia is going to be modeling some knitwear for me and we had a test run photoshoot at her house yesterday so I thought I'd share a few of the many gorgeous photos of her.

Here she is sporting what was my Rhinebeck garment......(a new design).....hooded cardi, with no name yet. She's going to be test knitting this one along with Christy.
This prototype is in Malabrigo, which I do love, but pills so the sample will be in something else.

.....and this is the new shawl design, pattern being written right now, also being test knit by Julia (what a great friend she is)!

...I also took a lot of photos of Julia's own finished projects so she can improve her Ravelry is her stunning Counterpane Carpet bag....made from her own handspun and also dyed by her! She needs some more friends on Rav so go and check her out!
I'm so happy that I get to live near this lovely person again, she's really the one responsible for getting me into this whole knitting/designing lark in the first place!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


My first ever Rhinebeck experience was truly wonderful and most definitely overwhelming! I was anticipating feeling over stimulated by all the yarn and all the people and after wandering around for 4 hours the first day I was a total space cadet…….but very happy!

I drove down from Western Mass early on Saturday morning with my dear friend (and new knitwear model of mine) Julia, who is an experienced Rhinebecker. She very graciously agreed to show off some designs for me and hand out business cards accordingly. There was a bit of a biting wind on Saturday but we both soldiered through without covering up our handknits in winter coats!

I stupidly left my camera behind the first day and then it rained the second which rather stumped my photography! However Steph (aka Gleek) has let me snag a couple of her's. She took loads of wonderful shots.

This one is a gorgeous photo of Jess (of Ravelry). As you may be able to tell she is wearing my Vaila jumper (the original) from last year’s winter Twist Collective issue. I was very excited to see it walking around, and of course to meet Jess properly too!

And then there is this one ......a photo of the giant Bob head that Ysolda began when staying at my house (with many a confused look from us) and finished within a week in order to be the Rav mascot at Rhinebeck! (Pictured with her is another Jess)!

I of course also saw Casey and got Ysolda to snag a photo of the three of us bedecked in knitting!

One of the highlights for me was getting to spot my designs in the wild...most satisfying!

Looking forward to next year already!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Ysolda and Connie!

I have had such fun hosting Ysolda during her stay in Western Mass the last few days.
Having a fellow designer living in my house has been very useful I must say....her first day here she solved a short row issue I was having and is in general a font of useful information and advice! She has blended right into the family and we'll all miss her when she leaves tomorrow!

She wasn't here just to see me though! She had an event at WEBS where she displayed lots of samples from her Whimsical Little Knits books. There was a great turn out and lots of admirers.......although the very first question asked was "How old are you"?!

We were joined by Connie Chang Cincino over the weekend and decided it was a great opportunity for a wee gathering of designers so we threw a pot luck with Melissa La Barre, Cirilia Rose, Cecily Glowik, Cheryl Burke (not seen here-but she was present) and my good friend Julia. It was a great (late) night of designery chat, knitting of course, talk of Rhinebeck sweaters, loads of yummy food and yarn goodies to boot from Cecily! Our kitten also provided some entertainment as seen below!

Ysolda, Connie and I took some fresh air the next day and I got to play photographer for one of Ysolda's latest designs (coming soon)!

Connie and I have corresponded for a while now but never met in person so I was so glad to get the opportunity to spend time to get to know her better......she doesn't like having her picture taken so this is a candid shot!

Time to get back to that Rhinebeck sweater.....only a few days left.....say hi if you see me there!