Monday, January 28, 2008

Bousta Beret

A beret pattern worked in a soft DK weight merino/angora blend using a traditional Shetland Lace pattern- Horseshoe lace."Bousta" means farm in old Norse. This pattern is available to purchase as a PDF download and includes charts for the lace and a photo tutorial of the Twisted German Cast On used in the pattern.
I rate this as an advanced beginner pattern.

Finished Size
Circumference of beret band is 14.5 inches relaxed but will stretch to fit average woman’s head (up to 23 inches)
Diameter across top of beret when flat 10.5 inches

* 2 Balls Sublime angora merino (80% extra fine merino/ 20% angora; 130yrds/120m; 50g; DK weight) shown in shade 0047 and 0044 (or approx 180-190 yrds of yarn in a similar weight and gauge range)
* US#4/3.5mm 16-inch Circular
* US#6/4mm 16-inch Circular
* Set of US#6/4mm DPN’S
* Stitch Marker
* Extra Stitch Markers (optional-for marking repeats of lace pattern)
* Knitting elastic (optional-for sewing into hat band to help keep ribbing elastic)

23sts and 32 rows= 4 inches in Stockinette stitch on US#6/4mm
Adjust needle size to obtain correct gauge

Huge thanks to the two following ladies:
Model-Cirilia Rose (the two blue beret pics below are of me)
Test Knitter- Christy of neitherhipnorfunky

Dedicated to my parents in Shetland who live in a renovated croft called "Muckle Bousta" (muckle=big) across a wee bay from "Little Bousta" the croft they revived 30 years ago!


Friday, January 25, 2008

Doing the Yarn (and art) Pr0n thang!

Little Traveller-handpainted sock yarn-"SCOTLAND" By The Sanguine Gryphon

Traveller- handpainted sock yarn-"IRELAND" by The Sanguine Gryphon

So I've wanted to take part in the whole "Yarn Pr0n on Friday" for a while now but never quite got it together...I haven't bought a ton of yarn recently (trying to be good and use what I have) and then there's some I can't blog about.....and some that's just too plain (but still lovely)....however look what the postie brought me today!

Delicious yarn purchased from the Sanguine Gryphon.....for no particular purpose just yet...just for me.....couldn't resist the names on these! Not the best of photos...grey in Fresno today!
Gryphon is donating half of her yarn sales (for the next month) to a family she knows who just lost everything in a fire.....go check out her website (I've linked it like crazy on this post) she has all sorts of yummy goodness over there.

....and here's a bit of art prOn my 8 year old whipped up last night and I just have to proudly share...fits in with Gryphon's yarn as she's into medieval inspired stuff! (For more art here is my daughter's blog)!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Blog Award

Rosemary Hill from rosemarygoround very sweetly awarded me with the above.....
and now I get to pass on the appreciation to 10 others as per the instructions:
"Give the award to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times."
In the nine months or so since I had this knitting blog I've come across so many great blogs to read and I appreciate them all but here are some of my regular Academy Awards Style!

MaryJaneMidgeMink-Love your flair for colour and your New England Photos.
Coiled- Kat Coyle's blog was one of the first I read...thanks for giving us all such great knitting designs and for all your help as I set out in the design world.
Skrillaknits-Cirllia had a lot to do with getting me started with designing....thanks!
Neitherhipnorfunky- Christy is a brilliant knitter also with a great eye for colour and takes wonderful photos of her FO's.
MarnieTalks-Where would we be without all your fantastic tutorials and advice?
Sanguinegryphon- Gryphon is doing something wonderful for some friends in need...and she has delectable yarns and designs and a great sense of humour!
Justcallmeruby- A UK designer who's blog I frequent-thanks to her I got my Little Black Dress published!
GreenKitchen-A great crafting blog with loads of style!
Pindsvinet-A Danish blogger who thankfully writes in English too..again love her taste in designs and color choice.
Throughtheloops- Among other reasons to read this blog is the wonderful photography of all the great creativity going on over there!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Free Pattern and Exciting News!

This bag is made entirely in the round beginning with a circular cast on. Not a seam in sight! The lace is called Bird's Eye and is a basic Shetland lace pattern with a garter stitch foundation. I know there are some great string bag patterns out there already but I felt compelled to come up with my own Shetland version!

So I've now written up the free pattern for my Shetland Shoppper string bag.....and thanks to the wonderful amazing Ravelry I can offer it as a free instant download right here on my is amazing....this makes things a lot more manageable for the blog too. It can be seen on the right under free patterns.Due to this new feature on Ravelry I was also able to create a PDF download for my wee baby hat pattern. Right now this is only available for free patterns but the plan on Ravelry is to offer it for paid-for patterns too! Ravelry is revolutionizing the knitting world!

I've been dabbling with the techy side of things lately...formatting patterns into nice looking pdf's, playing with excel to make lace charts etc....and I can tell you I've learned a heck of a lot in a couple of brain hurts a little but I'm secretly very proud of myself and keep running to tell my husband the latest thing I've learned (which I know he doesn't know how to do)!

.....and.....I didn't mention this before as I needed to let it sink in....but....I had a design accepted to Knitscene for the Fall 08 issue!! Obviously I'm super excited....just waiting for my yarn to arrive now....and if that's not enough I also had a design accepted by Yarn Forward magazine in the UK (to come out in April) hands will be busy (and potentially sore) for the next few weeks!

edited to add: Oh yeah..I wanted to ask if any of my blog readers are planning on attending Stitches West in Feb? If so I'd love to meet up!