Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hats and a Man Scarf!

My Xmas knitting was mostly about hats this year. It was great to get around to knitting some designs that I had queued on Ravelry.
There was a Thorpe, Wurm, Ripley, Miller's Hat and a couple of Koolhaas'

(Not all pictured here obviously).

Yes I was still knitting on Xmas morning but it was worth the stiff fingers to see so many delighted recipients!

I even managed to squeeze in a new design....(the flapper style hat you see below).....I'm making a couple of changes as I knit up the next one but this should be available pretty soon.

David has been jealous of all my shawl wearing recently so I made him one of his own! This is of course Stephen West's Daybreak pattern. After a wee lesson in how to wear it I think David is enjoying the benefits as he sits in his chilly office working on Book Three of his Acacia series!

Maya also got in on the knitting action and made blobby thing.....requested by her friend you can see she is mighty pleased with it!

The crowing glory for me though was the gift of this beautiful antique cedar chest from my now yarn-conscious husband! Best gift ever! Percy is of course a little perplexed as to where all my baskets of yarn have you can see I did leave one out for decoration!

Hope you all had good times!
Here's to having many more in 2010...CHEERS!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sending festive and jolly holiday vibes to all my lovely readers!

(Image by Maya)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hap for Georgia

Well I'm back home in New England and finally able to get together a wee blog post to document the knitting I was working on in Scotland.
I"m afraid I wasn't a very prepared auntie and did not have this anywhere near finished before I arrived to see Georgia. So in between holding my little niece and other domestic bits and bobs I worked away on this Hap shawl so that I could leave having done my Shetland duty!

I went with the "in the round" construction on this shawl. I started with the central square, picked up sts around the edge and worked outwards from there. I didn't do the traditional knitted on edging however and instead went with an I cord bind off (as Jared uses in his version of the Hap).

I did use Sharon Miller's Hap Shawl book for reference but had to change a lot of numbers as I was using a heavier yarn- Rowan Scottish Tweed DK.

As you can see I went with very Scottish landscape colours....the photo below being Georgia's immediate she'll blend right in!

I had a wonderful visit with my Scottish clan but it's also lovely to be back with my kids and husband in beautiful snowy New England!