Monday, February 25, 2008

Not a lot to show for it!

I have indeed been knitting..madly, insanely, furiously....and happily...but well I either don't have anything quite complete or it can't yet be revealed! I'm working on a submission, finished my Knitscene design and mailed it off, have one of my Pomatomus socks done, slowly working on a long-ago-promised vest for my Brother-in-Law in New Zealand (it's summer there so I make myself feel less guilty by reasoning that he couldn't wear it right now anyway) and generally thinking about all the things I want to get around to designing!

One thing I can show are these satisfyingly quick to knit Maine Morning Mitts made for and requested by my nephew in Scotland whose 10th birthday I missed last week! He specifically wanted red and light blue stripes and I can see why....very Dr. Seuss-ish I think! If I had a need for such an item here in Fresno I'd make some for myself!

Another thing I have nothing to show for is the fact that I went to Stitches West this past weekend. I only went on Saturday (with my friend and neighbour Lori who did all the driving-thanks again Lori) and walked around for a few hours in a bit of an overwhelmed daze!
I've never attended something like this before....SO MUCH GORGEOUS YARN EVERYWHERE....I found it really hard to actually buy anything with so much choice...I did of course make some purchases but only after a lot of dithering around!

What was even more fun for me was getting to meet the "real" versions of some of the online folks I've met in cyberspace recently.....Jess and Casey of Ravelry were there and it was great to be able to thank them in person...they're sooo sweet and lovely too....I also met the warm and bubbly Mary heather Cougar of rainydaygoods who was helping out at the Rav booth.....and Romi, so serene and beautiful in person......and I was able to re-connect with some of the WEBS folks I had met when I lived out in Massachusetts, Hi again Cirilia (my beret model) sorry if I seemed spaced out when I spoke to you, think I'd reached my max overload at that point!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Just A Quickie!

Oooo that's a rather naughty post title given that it's Valentine's day! However I am here to spread the Love......of Ravelry that is.....I've been lucky enough to have my store enabled over there so you can now purchase my patterns through Ravelry (only if you're a member at present....soon anyone will be able to stop by and shop....sorry)! all you Ravelry folks who may be considering how cute you'd look in a Bousta Beret.... please hit my Ravelry store for purchases (that way a few cents go back into the running of that wonderful site and the lurve is spread all around)!

Here for you to enjoy is a Love Cat
(By Maya Durham-my daughter)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Socks and a Silly Song

So in amongst all the WIP's that I can't blog about yet I've started a pair of socks...some of you will recognize this popular pattern Pomatomus from Cookie A...I'm probably the last person to knit one of her patterns ... there are a gazillion projects for her socks on Ravelry!!....however better late than never....and the gorgeous sock yarn I bought from Gryphon recently, called out to have it's heathery hues on display soon.......before it's flip flop time again here in California (which will probably be next month)!

I have only knit 3 pairs of socks in my life so far and they were all basic, bog-standard ones so it is a delight to see such a beautiful pattern emerging on these......but a thought has does one show off ones fancy socks for admiring comments?

Here for your amusement is a song by the hilarious kiwi boys Flight of The Conchords...the name of these socks (because I always pronounce it incorrectly) makes me think of this song
Warning: There are are a few obscenities uttered in this song....but only to make fun of the truly derogatory rap out there!
Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros