Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Other Creative Endeavours

Along with all the knitting I've been dabbling with some sewing and photography too.....thought I'd share some of that on here!

I recently purchased the much blogged about sewing book "Weekend Sewing" by Heather Ross and the above apron is my first completed project from the book. I really have no sewing background whatsoever and have actually been pretty scared of the sewing machine for a while now! After the success of the wee bag I made a few weeks back I mustered up some confidence and decided to get more adventurous.

I won't pretend that it all went smoothly......because there was plenty of profanity leaving my lips as I wrestled with various aspects of my first proper sewing project......for instance the basting stitch did not work well for me, hems are far from perfect, needles jammed a lot, I cut out the ties wrong and needed to make more (I could go on).....however despite some ugly looking stitches (on the back side) and wobbly lines I am pretty happy with the finished product.

I already have a new stash.....of the fabric many cool ones out there!
Ultimately I'd love to be making more clothing for myself and the up is a skirt for this wonderful Calico Cat fabric.

......and a few shots of my exploration in photoshop ........most of the above have some kind of texture added.....that's my theme this week in my 365 flickr project!
(Bottom picture is us returning from an invigorating 8 mile hike in Sequoia National Park at the weekend)!


Jennifer said...

I am having exactly the same "slightly afraid" relationship with my new sewing machine.... Don't feel alone, they are frightening beasts!!
Love your blog, found you on Ravelry! :-)

lucy said...

I think you did pretty well for a first project. I know the frustration that comes with sewing dilemmas...some patience is almost required!
Loving your photos, particularly the one on the bottom.

Beth Armstrong said...

Love the wee apron - very cute and very stylish - kinda 50's! I really like the style of the photo advertising your Shetland Trader design - keep up the experimentation.

Anonymous said...

wow! Gudrun! love it all. the apron is so cute and i can't wait to see the skirt you're making from that grogeous material.

the photos are my fave though. so pretty.

Dorit said...

Gorgeous pictures!! Wish I could sew like that :) Happy easter!

Hilary said...

What a great apron! It's very cute, and you did a great job. Sewing seems to take so much practice to get right...but just think, the next time you take out the machine, those wobbly lines (which I bet you alone notice) will be straighter and hems even more perfect!

James McLauchlan Johnston said...

How far through the endless photoshop book have you got? Eventually you just have to kiss goodbye to many hours hours and really lose yourself in it.
Like the pictures, the textures are great.

Green Kitchen said...

New needles and good thread really help. Keep trying.