Saturday, April 25, 2009


(imagine the drum roll continuing as you read on)
.... before I announce the winners, I just have to say that I've spent the past week being totally gobsmacked that so many of you left comments. It was so nice to see some of you poke your heads out of the woodwork, albeit with a little enticement! I hope you'll feel more inclined to leave comments in the future as that's the part of blogging I enjoy the most, the feedback! When I can, I respond to each comment I receive (not in the case of the last post obviously)!

I promise that the picking of the winners was done in a fair manner! Maya and Sage were my unbiased name drawers and they had a LOT of fun being VERY dramatic about the whole thing!

I wish I had prizes for you all.....but without further are the winners:

Hap Shawl Book, Yarn and Bag-Melissa!

Moch Cardi Pattern- Katya, C and Yulian

Pride of Carthage-Anonymous Mary
Walk Through Darkness-Lynne S of OZ
Gabriel's Story- Gaea

Please email me your physical addresses (or emails in the case of the Moch Cardi Pattern) so I can send out your prizes.

Congratulations and thanks for taking part everyone!


marit said...

Congratulations to the lucky winners!
Have a great weekend:-)

YuLian said...

Oh, wow! I can't believe I won something! I will definitely make the Moch cardigan when I find the time/yarn!


Lynne S of Oz said...

Woot! I won something! I can't remember winning anything on a blog contest before!
(And now I know I can buy the Moch cardi :-)

raining sheep said...

Congrats to the winners. Having won giveaways myself before, I know how great it feels. Thank you for your well-wishes for my race; I am soooo nervous.

melissa said...

woohoo! maybe my days as the unluckiest girl alive are finally over!
thank you!

Vaida said...

Congratulations to the winners! It's always nice to win - but I have to say, that giving away some presents is also a great fun :)

Poethead said...

Congratulations to everyone! I am quite envious. I have wanted to make that Hap Shawl for so long! Could you email me and tell me the colors you used? I want to make it!

tea and cake said...

Wow, congrats to all the winners!

clarabelle said...

Happy belated blog-day, Gudrun! I can't believe that I missed your comp - buggeration! I'm definitely going to seek out your husband's titles though...

Well done, the winners!


Cirilia said...

My goodness, your children are gorgeous!! But you knew that =)

Anonymous said...

Is that hairy kid giving us the finger?!?