Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Off To The Mainland

We're taking the boat to the mainland tonight for a 10 day whistle-stop tour to visit friends and family during the school holidays so I'm leaving you with a few more recent shots!

Yesterday was a day of sunshine interspersed with downpours and the odd rainbow!

Mucking around with self-portrairts for my 365 thingy on flickr (haven't been too consistent with a photo a day I have to say)!

I'm not much of a boat person so I have been watching the forecast and hoping for relatively calm seas.......at least for the 12 hours that I'll be sailing! Outlook is good and thankfully our boat is a bit bigger and comfier than the fishing vessel pictured here!

Old mill buildings nearby.

Oh yeah.. the Fair Isle knitting is coming along but there are rather a few steps backwards before I go forwards again!


Kirsten said...

Your photos of Shetland take my breath away. You've made me add your beautiful island to the list of places I must visit in this lifetime!!

Cybèle said...

Those photos (and the ones from previous posts) are just so beautiful. Keep them coming!

marit said...

Gosh- this looks sooo much like the peninsula where we live! Even the same kind of stonehouses!
Your photographs are exellent.
Have a nice stay on the mainland:-)

Poethead said...

I would give anything to be tagging along with you on this journey. I hope to see a lot of pictures from your side trip. Twelve hours on the ship?! Wow! Lovely, lovely homeland.

Alison said...

It's nice to meet another Scottish/American blogger. I've never been to Shetland and did not grow up anywhere nearly as romantic, but I enjoyed your photos and I love knitting, though I've not done any in a while. I've been lacking in patience apparently.