Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Xmas Knits Revealed

So it is the day after xmas or what is referred to in Britain as Boxing Day (Quick wikipedia definition for those not familair-Boxing Day is a traditional celebration, dating back to the Middle Ages, and consists of the practice of giving out gifts to employees, the poor, or to people in a lower social class.-Of course mostly what it's about these days are boxing day sales and more consuming......not having any servants ourselves we did donate some gifts to a family in need on time for xmas.

In light of all the over purchasing of goods that goes on at this time of the year (and I admit to a bit of over spending myself) I do make an effort with the handmade and finally I can share my productivity now that the recipients of the gifts have done their unwrapping!

For my niece in new Zealand- The Molly/Monkey Bag (Made up Pattern)

For her younger sister Maddy-Elijah by Ysolda- intended for Maddy but being looked after by Molly until Maddy is responsible enough for an elephant!

For my two brothers- The Shetland Shopper- My take on the string bag (and I know there are some great patterns out there for string bags but I felt compelled to come up with my own) using a basic shetland lace and made entirely in the round -free pattern coming soon!

For my daughter and one for Granny too- The Noro Striped Scarf a la Jared Flood

(Grandpa got an Unst Cap)

For my ocean mad son-A Dumbo Octopus pattern by Hansigurumi -check her out for more fun ocean friends and yes there really is an octupus with elephant like ears at the bottom of the ocean!

...and for my dearly beloved some more Fuzzy Feet.....(I think I've made about 14 pairs all told...not all for him)! Great pattern!

What was so special for me this year was that my daughter wanted to knit gifts for her family too.....I am so proud of her accomplishments and thrilled that she sees the joy in creating and giving.

Mr Froggy!- Very happily received by her younger brother! (Pattern made up by Maya)

Coral reef bag-Also made up by Maya and also happily recieved by Sage!

Noro Striped Hat- Made for Dad (little bit of help given on the shaping but mostly the work of Maya)

...and she's working on a scarf for me!

I got a lovely wooden yarn swift ......displaying a fuzzy foot yet to be felted (destined for me as I've never actually made myself a pair) created last night with yarn I received from my sister in New Zealand....first time anyone has given me yarn as a gift .....I was sooo happy!

Also on display on the swift but not being done justice in that photo is some gorgeous yarn I have treated myself to- a sport weight merino/silk blend, hand-dyed by CayaColourYarn( someone I 'met' recently via ravelry) destined to become a Gudrun orginal design in the near future. These photos aren't great either but I tell you it's a lovely hue of cornflower yellows!(And which this colourway is aptly named).

Wowsers...that was a lot of pictures...well done if you made it this far! for more swifting and to finish the other fuzzy foot as it's actually getting nippy enough in Fresno for some slipper socks!

Hope you all are having a festive/fun time whatever you celebrate (or don't)!


Cirilia said...

Wow, so much to comment on, but first I should tell you that your package arrived and I'm forcing myself not to wear it 24-7 before I finish my end of the deal! It's amazing!

Not only is your daughter a natural at modeling, she is a great knitting talent! I love that frog and the stitches on the hat are so even.

I'll have to try Fuzzy Feet next year, I made Felted Clogs was a lot of work. Double thick soles for each pair, so I knit the same piece 16 times in about a week, ugh.

Happy New Year, we'll miss you at the Webs sale!

Laughton & Patricia Johnston said...

Where do you get the time? You must have amazing forearm muscles! I'm gobsmacked at the number and variety of your creations. Oh, and the Unst cap is perfect, thank you.

Romi said...

Wow! Great stuff! :) And I second that question: where do you get the time?!

Happy holidays! :)

Just call me Ruby said...

That's one hell of a lot of knitting. Fantastic. Your daughter's presents are fab as well.

Have a very Happy New Year


kat coyle said...

OMG so great! All your gifts are adorable. You have been very very busy!

Anonymous said...

beautiful designs by you and your daughter. she has obviously inherited the gift.
happy new year!

Mary Jane said...

Like they said! Busy and beautiful! I've made a gazillion fuzzy feet too!

mel said...

Wow, you have a very lucky family - those are some lovely and fun handknits that you gifted!!