Sunday, December 9, 2007

Feeling The Xmas Craftiness?

First off all credit for posting about this craft goes to Kat Coyle who blogged about these God's Eyes recently and inspired me to make some. It was such a fun and successfull experience for the whole family (well my husband didn"t participate but my 6 and 8 year old loved it) that I had to share with those who hadn't come across it before (and most of you Americans may well know all about this but it was new to this Scottish immigrant)!
For instructions visit Kat's blog for a cute little print out. We went for shortish sticks (probably about 5 inches in length) as we wanted these to be tree ornaments. As you can see from above we had all sorts of oddments of yarn and beads to use ....the possibilities were endless.
I made one slightly larger yellowish one to crown the tree and I think it's my favourite tree topper ever!
This is certainly manageable for age 5-ish and up...the yarn has to be wrapped in a certain way so "Over and Under" became my 6 year old's mantra for the duration of the activity! A fantastic way to display some of the leftovers of lovely yarns and a cool non-traditional festive decoration..whether hung on a tree or not!
For info on the symbolic aspect of God's eyes go here!


Beth Armstrong said...

They are beautiful - do you think my 3.5 year old will cope with helping to make one of these? I'm not so sure but am very tempted to try it myself. We have just put up our tree but as yet, the only adornment is fairy lights...going to make some decorations with Molly this afternoon..probably cardboard, tin foil, glitter and glue and lots and lots of mess!x

Beth Armstrong said...

By the way, did you mean 'Feeling' rather than 'feeking' or is that an American slang word I don't know?

Gudrun Johnston said... more like a Scottish slang term don't you think?

Gudrun Johnston said...

Oh and you should definitely try this out....get Helen along for a wee crafty girl time! (Molly may not have the patience for it...but who knows)!

Mary Jane said...

I loved making god's eyes with my kids too. I taught handwork at a waldorf school a while back and I'd tell beth to give it a go with the little ones, you just get them started with the first bit and away they go!

kat coyle said...

OMG how cute your tree looks!

Just call me Ruby said...

I've never seen these before. They haven't made it to the UK. They look really beautiful on the tree.


marit said...

These are cute! Wonder if I'll make some tomorrow with the girls, as they have the day off.
Take care.