Friday, August 3, 2007

The Random List

(me age 4 ish in one of my mum's designs)

So I've been tagged by Kat to list 8 random things about goes:

1) I have moved a total of 25 times in my life....this means actually living with belongings in different places and does not include extended travel to places (which I've done a fair amount of)..15 of these moves have been with my husband in the last 10 years! I should add that we are probably not done!

2)As an 18 year old (15 long ago years) I was training as a classical singer at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London.....I recently started lessons again and still sing but mostly for myself...and anyone in the house at the time!

3) I absolutely HATE ...with a vengeance.....goat cheese! Sorry you goat's cheese lovers!

4) I once kayaked (as in whitewater) the gorge section of the American river at 5000 cfs, before kids arrived on the scene....probably couldn't do it again!

5) I hold a teaching certificate in yoga...but....currently don't teach.....and own practice is pitiful right now....but I'm working on it!

6) The saga behind my name:Gudrun was the first nun in Iceland after she had been married about 7 times and murdered all of her husbands.....she was sorry though!

7)Another achievement...I hiked the Inca trail....carrying my own pack of course...getting past the Dead woman's pass (13,828.7402 feet)....endless steps carved into the mountainside.....and was greeted with an amazing end result....ruins....Llamas and all!

8) Last random fact without an exclamation mark: I always under estimate my abilities...Like I thought I'd find it hard to come up with 8 random facts but actually I could go on......also thought I'd never kayak a class 111+ river! (ooops exclamation mark)!!!

So now I have to tag 8 other folks and considering that I move in a fairly tight blog circle this is difficult as so many have already been tagged...this is who I chose: Cirlia, Romi, Christy, Ysolda, Marit, Ille....and because I ran out of knitting bloggers ....I preyed upon family....Jamie and Helen (my brother and wife-that counts as two)


kat coyle said...

You are adventurous! I too have moved A LOT, I'm hoping to settle down soon. And, you have quite the reputation to live up to with your namesake. Yikes.

Connie said...

Are you a redhead? Your picture is cute and I love the sweater your mom designed. So modern looking! And yes, it's hard to tag others when you're in a tight blog circle. I had to resort to family members and a high school friend as well :)

James McLauchlan Johnston said...

Do I have to tag 8 other bloggers? Don't know too many, apart from family.

Anonymous said...

I've tried to like goat cheese but I just can't do it - I get made fun of for it too but that doesn't really change my tastes.

*melanie from

Romi said...

You were right; I've done it twice! So I think I'll pass this time, but thank you for thinking of me. :)

YarnB said...

Hey there, I am checking on a few blogs and you don't have your URL set up right either for that affiliate program! Drop me a note! info AT oneplanet yarn and fiber dot com!

I love goat cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beth Armstrong said...

Wow sis, you should never under estimate your abilities. I never cease to be amazed at your talents. It's amazing when you see just some of the things that you have achieved in your life so far written down in a list. Go girl. look so cute in that photo!

Beth Armstrong said...


Gudrun Johnston said...

yeah!! My sister finally left me a comment on my blog....thanks Beth,,,I know it's hard to find the time to sit down and look online what with the two wee ones! I had to get the goat cheese dislike in there what with you and David being such fans!!

Just call me Ruby said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by at my blog. I've enjoyed reading yours too. You must be the first person I've come across who has moved more times than me. Are you staying still these days?

Will keep reading

Gudrun Johnston said...

well Ruby even if I said we were staying put at this point none of my friends or family would believe me! Most likely we will move again but not sure when!

Mae said...

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