Sunday, August 26, 2007

Got Milk?

Finally I actually have some knitting to share! I was getting pretty frustrated having this knitting blog but not being able to show what I am actually working I decided that I won't keep everything a secret (just some)!
So this is totally my design and yes it's called Got Milk? ...because? is made from Vickie Howell's Craft yarn which has some milk fiber in it! The yarn is a blend of the milk fiber and organic cotton and is very, very soft and lovely...I can highly recommend it for those that prefer non-wool yarns.
This design is a cropped vest, knit from the bottom up ( then separating for back and front at armholes) -with capped sleeves and a folded scoop neck worked with some short row shaping .
Seeing as I won't be using this as a submission I plan to write up the pattern and make it available here.

(By the way it was stinking hot when my husband was taking these pictures hence why I have a slight frown on my brow)!

Other news....I'm on Ravelry now!!! It's a very cool site and I'm very excited to be there........however it's another reason to be online! (my poor kids will be totally neglected...lucky that David cooks dinner every night)!


Connie said...

Gudrun, the vest is adorable and I love how the green matches so well with your hair. It is frustrating to knit and knit and not be able to post. I totally understand! :)

Beth Armstrong said...

This is a really nice little top G and like Connie says, it really suits you. It's hard to imagine how hot it must be for you right now and how hard it must have been to stay cool in that photo! You are looking fab!

Romi said...

Very very cute! :)

Anonymous said...

very cute top! and very cool hair!
also, have a lovely trip home. it sounds amazing. that area of the world is on my list of dream places to visit. scotland, wales, ireland and all the places in between. i think i was celtic in a past life.

Vickie Howell said...

I LOVE, love, love your design--thank you so much for using CRAFT! xo, Vickie H.

Gudrun Johnston said...

Thanks so much everyone for your very kind comments.....can't believe Vickie Howell came by too...thanks Vickie!

marit said...

This is a cute vest, and I love the stitchpattern on it! Have a great trip back home!

Anonymous said...

Great design - and adorable short hair! I hope your visit home is as lovely as I imagine it will be.

*melanie from