Thursday, August 9, 2007

How's Your Shetland Dialect?

(poem by Nancy clarke from a series of postcards on Shetland Dialect/ Photograph from the Islesburgh Photographic Club)
In the vein of a recent post that Ysolda made I thought this familiar nursery rhyme with a twist might be fun to share.


Kicki said...
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Kicki said...

That's cool!

It exists in scandinavia too, although with a white lamb :)

(I realised my previous comment came out a bit odd so i delted it :)

Gudrun Johnston said...

That's interesting...I didn't know that!

marit said...

"bæ bæ lille lam,
har du noe ull?
ja ja kjære barn,
jeg har kroppen full.
søndagsfrakk til far
og søndagsskjørt til mor
og to par strømper
til bittelille bror"
This is the norwegian version I know...