Thursday, March 5, 2009

Project Spectrum

I've decided to take part in Lolly's 4th Project Spectrum......those participating will be exploring the Compass Rose and the colours/season/material and elements associated with each direction. There are no hard and fast rules with how to take part, thankfully ........each to his own!

The first grouping is North/Green/Winter/Stones-Gems-Rocks/Earth for the months of March and April
As I have started to explore my photography more in depth I've decided to focus on photo collages (as above) and will include at least one knitting project.

To get me started I've used some photos from my stay in Shetland a few months ago. This seems apt considering it's northerly location and it's landscape of green and stone.
My heart and mind are drawn in this direction on a daily basis when I think of my family and place of birth.

Also included in this mosaic are: a photo of some stone Georgian architecture in Edinburgh, the home and lush garden I'm returning to in Massachusetts in a few months time and some shots of the knitting project I'll be working on.
I've picked the Astrid shawl (Rav Link) by Norah Gaughan for the knitting aspect..... I've been smitten with it since seeing this one. It also kind of resembles snowflakes which fits nicely into the Winter theme.
I'm using Shibui sock yarn in a green called Wasabi.....I've only completed 1 of the large circles so far and have 12 more of them to go, 14 mediums and 25 small ones!!


Jen said...

Love the photos, esp. the one with the sheep in it!

Mary Jane said...

I'm joining too!

Anonymous said...

That sounds fun, I would love to join.

Kate said...

These are such wonderful northerly photos - for me, the last one is truly the stuff of dreams. All the best for your move back to Massachusetts!

Hilary said...

What a lovely collection of photos...I look forward to seeing more as Project Spectrum progresses.