Tuesday, November 20, 2007

xmas knitting

Yes indeed that time of year again...I always leave it a bit late and then have to do marathon knitting to get everything done! I also overload myself as it's become necessary for me to knit all my gifts...for everyone......!! However it's very satisfying to be able to give the ones I love a handknit and fun to choose what to knit for each individual! One of the books I have loved for ideas is the above by Melanie Falick (along with her Weekend Knitting book). Infact I decided to share a couple of projects from the above book that I made last year.....when I wasn't a blogger or Ravleryer (and therfore couldn't show off my completed knits)!
I totally fell in love with the Counterpane bag when I saw it and I had the good fortune to visit Santa Fe and the gorgeous La Lana Wools store...I didn't get the actual yarn called for in the book (very expensive and my dad was paying for it.....couldn't really justify the expense) but I did pick a hand-dyed yarn in a similar colour. I really like how it turned out...however seeing as I hardly ever use it I wondering if it should have a new home.....mmmmm?!
I ended up with quite a bit of left over yarn from the bag and paired it with another hand-dyed yarn (can't remember the brand now-wish I could as I really liked it- think it was made in peru-very natural colours-anyone have any ideas?) and made these stockings (also from Handknit Holidays) for my kids.

I have picked (notice it's picked not knit) my projects for this year's round of gifts but I guess I'll have to blog about them later as my family are frequent vistors here! I'm just like my son who had made a gift for me for xmas but couldn't bear to wait that long and so gave it to me early..he said he knows now to leave it to much closer to xmas! Guilty on both counts..impatient and leave things to the last minute!


Kate said...

I love to knit gifts as well, but I would rush and do really small things if I tried to knit for everyone. Instead, I choose two people in my family each year to knit gifts for, so I can really focus and not feel pressured to include everyone. Now the people I love each get a turn! (Of course, I usually bend the rule, but it's a place to start.)

Connie said...

great knits, Gudrun. I like small, completable in a reasonable time frame knitting projects too. But I've stopped knitting for family and friends unless specifically asked as I find that usually they hate surprise gifts! ;)

Just call me Ruby said...

Leaving things to the last minute is the only way to be! Seriously, Good luck with the christmas knitting - I've given up this year.

Anna said...

Hi, I just love that book too! It´s full of wonderful projects!

Beth Armstrong said...

LOVE the bag G - I also know someone else who would love it too - Joanna! Has she seen it yet? Hope the Xmas knitting is going well - as usual I am still trying to work out my Xmas gifts and getting a bit worried about the last posting dates for the States and the US!