Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yarns To Sample

I ordered this selection of yarns recently from WEBS to try out. I just chose the colours randomly as they are not for specific projects (yet)!

From Left to right we have:
Valley Yarns Southwick (Cotton/ Bamboo)
Vickie Howell Craft (Organic Cotton/Milk Fiber)
Vickie Howell Rock (Soysilk/fine wool/ hemp)
Vickie Howell Love (Bamboo Fibers/ silk)
Frog Tree- Non profit South American Co. (Cotton/silk)
South West Trading Co BAMBOO (100% Bamboo)
And on top some Hand spun organic cotton from Blue Sky

Looking forward to working with these and getting some design ideas going!


Cirilia said...

Mmmm, that handspun organic cotton is awesome!! Can't wait to see swatches or eventual designs. Have you already read No Sheep for You? If not, you'd love it. It's really changing my mind about plant based yarns!

Anonymous said...

Now - This will keep you busy for a while---nice colors..random selection worked out..

Gudrun Johnston said...

Yes I can't stop holding the handspun up to my cheek...soo soft...not sure what to do with that one yet...trying to think small as it's kinda expensive...but it crys out to be something cozy to wrap up in!
I do have No Sheep for you and love it for all the great info on plant based fibers.
I didn't take a picture of it but I'm swatching some Jaeggerspun merino and tussah silk right now and it too is very soft and lush...I do have a good sweater idea for that one!

Romi said...

Fun! I love playing with new yarns. :)