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Hip in Hemp in other sizes

Child Sizes 2, 4 and 6 for Hip in Hemp Skirt
These are a few more child sizes for the skirt pattern on Knitty. I’m not exactly giving you a full written out pattern. This is meant to be used in conjuction with the pattern published on Knitty.

So to get started I would suggest printing out the pattern and then making the following changes:

Finished Measurements:
Length: approx 12 [13.5,15] inches
Waist: to fit waist 20 [21,22]

Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy [34% Hemp, 41% Cotton, 25% Modal; 153 yd/140m per 50g skein] Colors are given for Child[Adult].
[MC] #02[09]; 1,[2,2] skeins
[CC 1] #015[016]; 1[1,1] skeins
[CC 2] #017[06]; 1[1,1] skeins
[CC 3] #010[04]; 1[1,1] skeins

Note: If working the skirt in a solid color, you will need 3 [4,4]

18[19,20] inches waistband elastic, 0.5 inch wide

Stripe Pattern (for sizes 2and 4 only)
Work 3 rounds in CC1.
Work 3 rounds in CC2.
Work 3 rounds in CC3.
Work 3 rounds in MC.
Repeat these 12 rounds for Stripe Pattern.

Changes to make to Table/chart (for sizes 2 and 4 only)
In the table part the column with the rounds numbered will need to be changed as for these two smallest sizes only 2 rnds of knitting is done between each scallop shaping round (as opposed to 3). So the column showing the rounds should read from top 1,4,7,10,13,16,19,22,25,28,31,34,37,40,43,46,49,52,55,58,61 (this will be last round of table for size 2) 64,67,70,73 (this will be the last round of table for size 4)

For size 6 follow table/chart for size 8 (after initial set up round) but stop at rnd 81.

Cut a piece of waistband elastic 18 [19,20] inches long. Overlap ends by 0.5 inch, ensuring that elastic is not twisted. Sew ends securely together.

Using MC and US #4/3.5mm needle, loosely CO 130 [136,143]

Set-up Round: Using US #5/3.75mm needle
Size 2: increase 6 stitches evenly around and at the same time place a marker every 17 stitches
Size 4: [k17, place marker] to end.
Size 6: increase 10 stitches evenly around and at the same time place a marker every 17 stitches

Including end-of-round marker, 8[8,9] markers in place.

(You should be able to continue following the pattern as seen on Knitty at this point except that for sizes 2and 4 only you will need to remember to work only 2 rnds between each scallop shaping pattern. The reason for this is that with the wee sizes the skirt needs slightly more frequent increasing for good drape).

When all rounds of the chart have been worked, you will have just started a stripe using CC3. Complete this 3 [3,4]-round stripe and break CC3. There are 312[ 344, 351]sts: 39[43, 39] sts between each pair of markers.

Continue as follows, using MC:
Work Round D; value of N is 11[ 13,11].
P 1 round.
K 1 round.
P 1 round.
Work Round D as above.
P 1 round.
K 1 round.
BO all sts purlwise.

For sizes larger than published on Knitty.

My general guidelines for any sizes larger than what is on knitty would be to measure your waist where you want the skirt to sit and then multiply that by 6.5
Round that number up or down a few stitches so that it is divisible by 17 (which is the initial pattern repeat). If you are too many stitches away from a number that is divisible by 17 then increase what you need on the initial set up round (as described in pattern).

I would then continue to work from the pattern following the large size in the table/chart
Also add one more skein of each color to materials just to be sure.

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victoria said...

Hi, thanks so much for the other sizes - I posted a question about this elsewhere on your blog. I love your blog and the designs. I am knitting quite a bit in Hempathy and really like the yarn and colours. I'll post a pic when I'm done. Thanks, Victoria