Sunday, March 7, 2010

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Hello! It's been a frighteningly long time since my last post as my husband keeps pointing out so I'm popping in with a brief recap as I emerge from my semi-hibernation!

My creation

So...reasons to be cheerful:

1) It's March and spring is in the air (as can be seen by Maya's colourful wellies and socks above). I'm so happy to be leaving February behind...always a tough month for me. It might also have something to do with the fact that March means birthdays in our house, one of which is mine!

2) I'm grateful for my beautiful friends who I'll be hanging out with on said birthday to make hula hoops and have henna tattoos applied!

3) Enjoying watching my kids grow and find their way.

4) We almost have a new mud room (interior work still unfinished)! It's maybe a little reflective of the tidy parent I have become that this makes me so happy!

5) Making music with my friends Jenn and Gerry has been a big part of my life these last couple of months. We're all in a band together (with some others) and have been jammin (it's a reggae influenced dynamic)! Here's a sneak listen!

6)...and last but not least knitting....always makes me cheerful (well maybe not the ripping). The hap shawl shown above is in preparation for a retreat I'm teaching at this coming weekend for Green Mtn Spinnery.....2 nights at an old inn and knitting...can't wait!

There is of course a lot of other knitting going on but I'll save that announcement for a different blog post!


Beth Armstrong said...

Hey, there is obviously no limit to your creative talents G - love the sounds - I take it you are on backing vocals? Great wellies Maya! Also great to see your house taking on a new shape and style. Make sure you take some photos of you all doing the hula hoop!x

villapeikko said...

Love the music! Absolutely love it!

veera said...

Love your cheerful post! Wellies, stripes, music, kids, friends and knitting: I'm with you, there's nothing better!

Karen said...

Happy! Sounds like all's well. I've enjoyed visiting your blog!aitistr