Friday, August 29, 2008

Crofter's Cowl Error

There is a new version of the download for Crofter's Cowl as I realized there was an error in the pattern. It's not a huge deal but the correction should ensure that the points of the pattern line up when grafting the two halves together. Apologies to anyone who had a problem with this. The link on the blog here will direct you to the new version. (Scroll down under patterns).


clo said...

Hello! I am trying to knit this beautiful pattern and I am somewhat of a beginner. So, I cast on 80 st, and at the 2nd row of the chart I'm always 3 stitches short. Have you had anyone run into this problem before?
Thank you!
claudine, in Montreal

Gudrun Johnston said...

Hi Claudine,
Sorry to hear you are having problems with the pattern for Crofter's Cowl. I have not had anyone else contact me about this issue. The only thing I can think is that you are missing some of the yarn-overs when you repeat the lace chart? You may find it helpful to place markers every 10 sts so that each repeat of the lace is clear. Then make sure that you always make 2 yarn-overs and the double decrease in each repeat.
I hope this is helpful.
Kind Regards

clo said...

Thank you Gudrun, I have found my mistake! On the chart, on row 2 I would knit 3 stitches between the YO and the 2-st decrease instead of 2. That is from inexperience at reading charts, but now it's all well and the cowl is coming along nicely! Thank you,