Sunday, June 15, 2008

What's HAPpenin?

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on Shetland Shorty! It's been a lot of fun to watch the activity over on Ravelry... .. 24 projects already! Quite bizarre to watch the instant response over there....those guys go nutty over knitty!! (Quite rightly so)!

This is what is HAPpenin with me (I couldn't resist the play on words with this one):
My first wedge of my latest project- A traditional Shetland Hap Shawl
I posted about these almost a year ago and now have need of making one for a friend's baby due August 1st!

Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift in various shades.

I'm using the pattern from Rowan 42- 'Bressay Hap Shawl' and the book 'Shetland Hap Shawls' (both by Sharon Miller) the latter of which goes into detail about the history and various constructions.
I'm using the 'Traditonal' method which is knit in 5 pieces as opposed to knitting the whole thing at once in the round.

There are 4 wedges where you begin with the edging and then pick up stitches for the border which are then joined to a central square. In her book, Sharon speculates that it would have been easier to work on one smaller piece, rather than an entire shawl, whilst getting domestic and crofting work done at the same time!
I may well try my hand at using my Shetland knitting belt seeing as I have not done so yet...not sure that I'll manage to do much else at the same time though!

This lovely ball of yarn is 'Dream In Colour Classy'(- Gothic Rose) and is destined for the popular February Lady Sweater- a grown up version of the Februray Baby Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmerman...this version has kindly been written up and shared by Flintknits and is causing quite a knitting frenzy over on Ravelry......which I happily wandered into without another thought!
I began last night and have a little yoke of gorgeous garter!

(I ordered this delicious yarn from and have to sing her praises as the package I received was beautifully wrapped and came with little extras and a handwritten note-so thoughtful)!

So, designers being featured for the next two months will be Sharon Miller and Elizabeth Zimmerman ala Flintknits!


Lise said...

I'm very curious to see more of that shawl, it looks beautiful. Love your choice of colors. Could you maybe post a picture of you, using the knitting belt? It would be fantastic. I'd really love to see it. I can't imagine how you could actually knit with one hand only.

kat coyle said...

I am so tempted to make a hap shawl too!

kicki said...

First of all, thank you for an interesting blog.

Secondly - why didn't they publish Shetland Shorty about a month ago when I started looking for a pattern just like it... I guess i have to make another shrug/thing in the asame yarn for my dress :)

Third, I am higly tempted to move my family's summer holiday from Sweden to Shet;and this year, it's closer, less family hassle and possibly more relaxing (until Id ecide to do the toru of _all_ the islands :) Do you have any recommendations where to start and where to go and where to find more info?


kicki said...

...and excuse my spelling. fat fingers... :)

Gudrun Johnston said...

Hi Kicki,
Thanks for stopping by! A great place to start for info on visiting Shetland is
You can either fly from Scotland (and London I believe during the summer months) or take the ferry overnight from Aberdeen. You will need to hire a car to get around (unless you take your car with you on the ferry)but I think there's also a fairly good bus service to main points.
Shetland is great for bird watching, dramatic scenery/beaches/coastline,archaeological sites, folk music and knitting of course! There is a new Shetland Museum in Lerwick which is very good. Hope that helps to get you started!

marit said...

How on earth do you use a knitting belt??? I've never heard of it, but maybe we knit differently in Norway...

raining sheep said...

You are a busy woman. Very nice colorways on the Hap Shawl...sounds like an interesting method for making it. Absolutely love the gothic rose...awesome name for the has a beautiful subdued richness to it. I'll be curious to see it knit up. I can't even peak on Ravelry until I finish knitting my yellow project and some socks...

Just call me Ruby said...

Oh I've spent a fortune now at Sharon's site, and am just wandering off to woolgirl's aswell. Thank you for the links.

I love the colours you've picked for the shawl.

Ruby xx