Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sugar and Spice and I Need some Advice!

The sugar and spice refers of course to little girls.....and things girly that they these fairy wings ("Woodland Fairy Wings"- from Boho Baby Knits by Kat Coyle)....destined for my soon to be 4 year old niece in New Zealand.
These were a fun knit and actually didn't take too long even with my painfully slow crochet...took me an hour to do one row (well one of the ties was 300 sts).....
Crystal Palace Yarns Kid Merino:Strawberries and Limes/Tulips
Crystal Palace Yarns Deco Stardust: Gold

I had planned on having Maya model them for me but ...well...she isn't 4 anymore and her wingspan outstretches this pair of wings....instead here she is looking very grown up, sophisticated and art studenty, modeling my latest Bousta Beret (my 5th) which will be going to my Mum (if you live in a house in Shetland called Muckle Bousta then you've got to have a Bousta Beret one would think)!

BTW that's a lizard Maya is working on for her brother's birthday...and yes she now wants a beret too!

Edited: I decided to remove this section of text about my submission issue and instead to finish dealing with it "off blog" and to just put it down to experience and move on! I appreciate all the words of advice both on here and privately.


James McLauchlan Johnston said...

In my line of freelancing writing work editors are a royal pain in the arse. They are truly the most infuriating people to ever work with. I'm not sure why they feel a compulsion for sporadic communication but that's what they do.

If you haven't signed anything then I would (as you already have) withdraw your design and tell them so in a letter, explaining the whole thing and your reasons for feeling uncomfortable. Then print out a copy for yourself and have it dated (send it to yourself and don't open it- the postmark will give you a legal date).

Then tell everyone how bad she is at her job and what you went through. These people need to understand that some simple communication with those struggling freelancers will make the whole world a better place.

Sorry, do I sound bitter?

drlaura said...

love the wings and the beret too.
i'm drlaura "sockguru" for crystal paalace yarns, and would love to post your pics on our blog please?
and of course we'd link to you.
email is
re your dilemma. in dealing with editors a LOT [i'm in 4-5 knit mags, and 5 books so far plus my own 2 books and writing 2 more], they can be very busy, as in children/spouses/lives of their own, and if unorganized, this is a flaming pain. might even be there was an issue in obtaining the yarn, or winter flu bug or .....
if you want to "unsubmit" (which i've done too), then send your email "return receipt requested" AND high priority, and cc it to someone you know, and i'd likely send a paper copy too. it's your design.
however, if you are interested in having more of your designs become public and available as they deserve, write this person off kindly. Much as said editor has been a pain, you should take the "high road".
the knitting community is small; you don't need enemies AND we don't need more negativity in the world wiht gloval warming, drought, hunger, and all the rest.
tell your mates privately and "rise above it" - pretend it's one of your children telling you about "susie notnice" from school, and think of the lessons you'd want them to live by? [[lol, if the dalai lama can forgive china... Robert Thurman even says we should send loving kindness to Bush - despite a disgusting 43% of our economy spent on military!!]
clearly you have immense talent - "shake her dust off your shoes" and move on.
blessings, :L

drlaura said...

argh, spellos
that's "with" & and "global"
blessings, :L

drlaura said...
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Knit Witch said...

Absolutely move on and do what you want with the pattern. If this editor can't be kind and professional enough to communicate with you then that's her loss. You aren't in this to play silly games, right? I'm sure there are many more people out there that will treat you much more professionally than that.

And yes, I agree about sending an official letter via certified mail explaning your withdrawel and why. Explain that you have tried in good faith to work with this editor and they are simply not holding up to their end of the bargain.

But, I also agree - take the high road. I wouldn't slander someone's name for ticking you off on such a public place such as a blog but you better believe I would be telling all my friends to steer clear of submitting to this publication!!

LOVELY model by the way!!! She is so cute!

kat coyle said...

I'm so excited to see your wings! They look beautiful!
I hope your niece loves them.

The Happy College Knitter said...

Your wings & beret look absolutely fabulous as usual--the more I see that hat the more I want to knit one up for me! :)

As far as your dilema goes, I think what you did is the best option. I don't have much experience with knitting editors, but from a business standpoint, her behavior is extremely unprofessional. You should not be treated like a number when you're creating fabulous things for their publication. I suppose those are my two cents... I say, do what you want! :)

Marnie said...

The wings are fantastic. I missed your unedited post but I'm hoping things worked out OK for you :)

Beth Armstrong said...

Hi G,

The wings are beautiful! Molly is going to LOVE them! They are so cute and delicate. I want to frame them on her wall to keep them looking so perfect but I don't think that would go down too well with Molly! Thank you so much - we feel very spoilt. xxxx

Aruba Blue said...

The fairy wings are beautiful, I dont know if I would have the patience to knit them!!

Just call me Ruby said...

Love the fairy wings. My 15 year old, happily or unfortunately, who can say, would still wear those wings! I'm not going to show her them though as I don't want to have to make them.

ladybug-zen said...

oh those fairy wings. they are stunning and magical. your neice is one lucky little lady.