Thursday, February 14, 2008

Just A Quickie!

Oooo that's a rather naughty post title given that it's Valentine's day! However I am here to spread the Love......of Ravelry that is.....I've been lucky enough to have my store enabled over there so you can now purchase my patterns through Ravelry (only if you're a member at present....soon anyone will be able to stop by and shop....sorry)! all you Ravelry folks who may be considering how cute you'd look in a Bousta Beret.... please hit my Ravelry store for purchases (that way a few cents go back into the running of that wonderful site and the lurve is spread all around)!

Here for you to enjoy is a Love Cat
(By Maya Durham-my daughter)


Green Kitchen said...

Congratulations to you and Ravelry. I troll it all the time looking for Friend Activity -- always in search of the next inspiration. ;)

Wish I had more (kid-free) time to learn knitting, so I could design, too. :)

Just call me Ruby said...

wondered how the shop was going to work. What a great idea. Did it involve a lot of work on your part?

And not only is it a Love Cat its definately a Cool Cat too! (Sorry)

Ruby xx

Knit Witch said...

Funny - one of my posts yesterday had the exact same title! Cute drawing and I'm going over to check out your ravelry store!

The Happy College Knitter said...

Oooo hooray on that! I will definitely be checking it out! Cuute picture I love the Love Cat