Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Organic Shetland Wool Preview

So I haven't given much of an update on my Shetland trip...it really was mostly about spending time with the family...however one of the fiber related highlights was getting to see a new product that will be making itself known to the yarn world before too long.....Native Organic Shetland Wool.
A group of crofters have collaborated to produce the fleeces which are then spun on Orkney (there isn't a mill in Shetland that can process them organically). There has only been one round of fleeces processed so far. Samples of the wool (and in some cases the fleece) were given to a selection of Shetland fiber artists to try some design work on. What you see below are some of the results. These really are incredible pieces of work and it was a privilege to see and handle them in person!These products will be used to help promote the yarn at fiber shows.
The yarn is not yet available to buy but I was fortunate enough to leave with a few cones!......I have some ideas up my sleeve for these gorgeous natural colours.

While at home my siblings and I looked at a lot of old photos for laughs and I was very happy to come across these two of my mum's Shetland Trader knitwear store (guess it must have been pretty chilly in there)!
(Right back to frying my brain with writing up the Little Black Dress pattern....thanks for all the lovely comments people have left...keeps me going when all that math gets too much)!


Just call me Ruby said...

Hi Gudrun,

Love the photo of your mum's shop. How wonderful.and the organic yarn looks fascinating.

The maths always gets to me too.

Anonymous said...

Those pieces made from the organic wool are stunning - thanks for sharing.

*melanie from www.meli-mello.com

marit said...

Impressive knitting out of that organic wool!
Those pictures of your mother are just priceless!

Romi said...

How cool to see the photo of the shop!

And the wool looks luscious. :)

Anonymous said...

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