Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Been all around the world......

.......well not quite but it sure feels like it.....I don't even want to think how many hours I spent sitting on a plane or in an airport! Yikes! However it was well worth it. Great to hang out with my parents and siblings up in Shetland and get some catching up done. It was very weird to be away from my own kids especially when we were separated by thousands and thousands of miles....good to see them in the flesh again!

Here's a wee piece of artwork showing my parents cottage recently done by Mary Gibbons (who just married by sister-in-law's brother) obviously there are no stone walls or extension but I really love it. The colours really represent the Shetland landscape.

Thought I should include a wee pic of me so here I am almost being blown away at Eashness in Shetland. One thing I realized I do miss living in California is weather. It's so changeable in Scotland- constantly going from windy, rainy, to bright sunny spells and in central California it's stays the same most of the time...sun...sun and more sun!

Now onto some knitting I accomplished whilst in Shetland....amazingly I actually made something from someone else's's been so long since I did that....just what I needed.
It's the Shetland Triangle shawl by Evelyn A. Clark from Wrap Style worked in Jaggerspun Zephyr silk. It came out smaller than the pattern measurements but I wasn't really makes a decent small shawl/scarf.....and my sister is now the happy owner!
I took a lot of pictures of this shawl....great location for photo shoots....should have seen me battling with the wind though!

Next post.....some new organic Shetland wool!


Green Kitchen said...

Ay! This gives me wanderlust. I haven't been anywhere in so long that even Fresno sound exotic. The only trip I can think of, since children, was to Fresno, Porterville, etc -- we were doing genealogical research.

Beth Armstrong said...

Hey G! Thought you might have updated your blog already! Great to hear you're home safe and sound. I'm now in Aberdeen and off to Edinburgh tomorrow, a few more days before my epic flight home to NZ. Great to see you sis, although it's never long enough. Love my scarf and will be showing it off to all those kiwis when I get home. I finished my scarf now what...Love ya. Bxxx

Just call me Ruby said...

What a beautiful shawl, and beautiful photos. Makes me yearn to go to Scotland again, over a year since I last went. They have proper weather in Scotland!

Romi said...

Welcome back! Missed you. :)

Mary Jane said...

I soooo want to go to Shetland. Lucky you. Lucky with family too!